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Apply this OMW Magic Foundation gently using your fingers or a suitable sponge on your precious, freshly cleaned face and let it do the magic. Feel the healthy glow and confidence that it gives you! Now, be the OhMostWanted Girl, be you!

Applique doucement ce fond de tent magique Oh!LaTrèsDèsirèe sur ton visage fraichement nettoye avec tes doigts ou à l’aide d’un pinceau/d’une èponge, et laisse travailler la magie! Sens l’èclat rayonnant de bonne mine et l’assurance que ca te procure. Maintenant, la très dèsirèe, c’est toi!

The Magic Ingredients of OMW Look Foundation:

✔Natural Anti Aging Polysaccharide that support function for collagen and elastin fibre
✔High performance penetrating molecule for internal repair
✔Form a layer to replenish moisture and restores radiance for smoother complexion

✔High UVA and UVB filter
✔Gentle type of sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin
✔Prevent aging and pigmentation caused by sunlight

✔Derivates from 100% Organic Vitamin C
✔Potent anti-oxidant to fight free radicle
✔Prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking of collagen, oxidation of proteins, and lipid peroxidation

✔Potent anticongestant to calm the skin
and minimaze irritation
✔Very good for sensitive skin

✔Anti microbial properties
✔Can treat and prevent acne

✔Good exfoliator for dirt, sweat and excess sebum removal


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